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All-Armenian Council of Dance and Sport dance

All-Armenian Council of Dance and Sport Dance which  was established in 2003 is engaged in the development of professional and amateur dance sport and since its establishment it closely cooperates with World Dance Council, which means that ACDSD operates in accordance with the WDC constitution and it has undertaken corresponding responsibilities. ACDS has composed it own constitution which satisfies the requirements set by WDC.

ACDSD is the organizer of the official dance competitions of WDC (World Dance Council) in Armenia.

2Each year in the end of May World Dance Council organizes series of meetings/ summit and workshops in Blackpool, England and here British Dance Festival takes place. During the summit of 2003 one of the questions was the issue of Armenia to become member of WDC. 60 representatives of the countries, who had the right to vote, unanimously voted for Armenia. Crossing 8 long years of membership All-Armenian Council of Dance and Sport Dance became full member of WDC.

Being the member of WDC gives the right to carry out international competitions, European and world championships, world ranking events in Armenia.

Solely All-Armenian Council of Dance and Sport Dance has the official right to grant dancers (professional dancer), dance teachers (international adjudicator) and dance schools WDC licenses.

One of the requirements of our council is that sport dances are practiced on a large scale i.e. not only in the capital but also in the whole territory of the Republic. Today there are dance centers in Gyumri, Abovyan, Vanadzor, Sisian, Ejmiatsin and in other towns of Armenia which are always in the centre of attention of ACDSD’s president, Marianna Mamyan.

534704_350066105074354_1242780790_nIt’s worth mentioning that All-Armenian Council of Dance and Sport Dance organized an open championship on May 3, 2007 which was carried out at high level. Best couples from Russian Federation, Ukraine and Georgia were invited to participate in the competition. Vice-president, general secretary of World Dance Council Stuart Saunders, the president of Georgian Dance Council, Roman Archaia honored this event by their presence. More than 110 couples both from Armenia and abroad took part in the competition.

Soloists of Madrid National Ballet and Theatre Juan Carlos and Maria Spetap (flamenco) dazzled the audience by their beautiful performances.

On July 4-5, 2009 ACDSD organized international open championship in Gyumri. Couples from Armenia, Georgia, Ukraine, Russia, Israel and Moldova were present in the competition. The honorable guest of the event was Stanislav Popov, the president of Russian Dance Union.

The Organizing Committee of Pan-Armenian games have decided to include sportdances in the program of 2015 games, while the organizational leadership of this is entrusted to Marianna Mamyan.