World Dance Council(http://wdcdance.com/ )

The WDC Ltd operates in three sections.

The General Council

This is the highest ranking section of the Council, which is controlled by the annual meeting of The General Council.

Acceptance of New Members, Ideas, Innovations, Changes to Methods and the Finance Catalogue must be ratified by the Full Members of General Council at the Annual Meeting of the Council. All members nominate three Delegates to represent them and their interests at all meetings of the Council.

The Council uses the one Full Member, one Vote system.

At every third annual meeting, of the General Council, the Full Members, elect the President and Vice-Presidents who form the Presidium.

Donnie Burns is the President of WDC who is 14-time World Professional Latin champion.

The Standing World Committees

a. Competitive Dance Committee

The World Competitive Dance Committee deals with all matters of Professional Competitive Dancing.

 b. WDC Dancesation

 The WDC Dancesation deals with all matters of the dance profession that relate to the activities of Dance Schools and Dance Teachers and all other forms of Dance as well as the WDC Examination system.